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United Way Alliance, Chemours distribute food

The following article was published in the News & Sentinel on September 14, 2019


The United Way Alliance of the Mid Ohio Valley with Chemours distributed fresh produce to residents on Friday afternoon.


According to Robin Ollis, regional communications manager for Chemours, the company was contacted by the United Way a few weeks ago to see if it could utilize the parking lot to accommodate the large refrigerated trucks and a line of cars. About 30 volunteers from Chemours worked the event by bagging and handing out the produce and directing traffic.


“This was another opportunity for us to help the community by helping the United Way,” Ollis said. “We have the facilities so we offered ourselves up to United Way to do this.” Ollis said Chemours is proud of its employees’ service to help the community.



Chemours co-op students Jack Doepker of West Virginia University and Brianna Scowden of Ohio University prepare to open a pallet of chick peas for distribution. 


“We’re very proud and pleased to be able to do this,” she said. “(It’s) part of being a good neighbor.”


The produce was provided by Mountaineer Food Bank which services 48 counties in the state, according to United Way Executive Director Stacy DeCicco. United Way lacked the space for the distribution and she was appreciative of Chemours.


According to DeCicco, 15 percent of residents in Wood County struggle with food insecurity. The idea was to provide a box of around 25 food items that represent every food group, she said.


Friday’s event was the first time that United Way was able to do a mobile food pantry of that capacity in the county, DeCicco said.