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Our community is facing many challenges. They’re daunting. They feel scary. They can feel so completely overwhelming. Your United Way is tackling these problems. Every day, in every corner of our community. We fight for the education, health, financial stability and well being of every person. We are finding answers. We are creating change. You may hear us march to the cadence “Think United Way First”. We wear it on our shirts, it blazes from our signs, you see it in our hashtags….so what does it really mean?

We want our community to know that no matter what the question, no matter what the obstacle, no matter what the challenge, United Way should be your first thought, your first stop, your first step solution. Is that because we believe that every answer is solved within our walls? NO? Do we have the programs and dollars to erase every single challenge from our community? Unfortunately, no! What we DO have is answers. Connections. Resources. Connectivity. We partner every day with key stakeholders across the community. Our mission is to unite communities, contributors, and human service agencies in a common goal to improve the quality of life in the MOV. We pride ourselves on our ability to productively collaborate and ignite conversations that inspire actions.

When you want to be empowered through volunteerism, but need to find the right connection, THINK UNITED WAY. That doesn’t mean your volunteer work will necessarily be completed at Untied Way, but we will help you find a service opportunity that matches best to your interests, aptitudes and availability. We know where the most critical needs are within the community and we will help make sure that your gift of time and talent makes a real and measurable difference.

When you need a referral, a conversation — THINK UNITED WAY! Our 211 system is a robust resource to get you connected to the resources you need. We don’t just create that network for an inner circle of funded partners. We build that web and grow that web to include every resource for every need for every person. We continually reach to organizations and agencies to ensure that their most up to date information is accessible to the community. We are more than a Google search, we are a conversation with those who reach out. We create the first fraction of a support system; we are often the first steps to empowerment.

If your workplace is seeking to build a strong community engagement program — you should THINK UNITED WAY! We create opportunities for advocacy, giving and volunteerism that are customized to individual workplace cultures and capacities.

When you need someone to lend a voice, be an advocate — THINK UNITED WAY! We are so often the voice for those who are not heard. We share the images for those situations that have sadly become hidden, almost invisible. We are the advocates for our community; we are the advocates for every member of that community.

We all work hard for our dollars and the thought of giving those away comes with some degree of pondering, even angst. We want to know that what we sacrifice, what we share, actually makes a difference. We want to know that our contribution creates an impact as far reaching as possible. When you want to make a gift that creates major impact with maximum accountability — you should always THINK UNITED WAY FIRST.

No matter the challenge, no matter the obstacle, YOUR United Way has answers.

YOUR United Way can create solutions. United Way is fighting for YOUR community. We need you on OUR team.

Join our efforts.