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Workplace campaigns

A United Way campaign is easy—and good for business.

Looking for an easy way to build your business and be a leader in the community? We can help. We know that running a business keeps you busy. United Way has the tools, people and know-how to help you set up a successful campaign. Ready to get started now? Contact us today!

Benefits of a Workplace Campaign

  • Build Your Team
    Engaging current and prospective employees in a community partnership strengthens staff retention, boosts morale and provides development opportunities.

  • Build Your Business
    Community involvement helps you reach a broader audience. You can see increased sales and improved client relationships.

  • Build Your Reputation
    Community focus strengthens you as an industry and community leader with stakeholders, employees and customers


Interested in running a United Way campaign at your company but not sure where to get started? Here are 5 Easy Steps to a United Way Workplace Campaign

  1. Get the ball rolling. Email us and tell us about your business.

  2. Meet us. Schedule a meeting for United Way staff to come out to your company. Tell us how we can help you meet your company's philanthropic goals.

  3. Get management involved. Executive involvement is a key Best Practice for United Way Campaigns. Introduce us to an executive so we can explore the benefits of a partnership with us and what we can offer your company.

  4. Plan your campaign. We have all the tips and tools you need to run a successful campaign. Plus, we can offer a customized roadmap to incorporate volunteering and other employee engagement strategies for your company.

  5. Recruit your coworkers. Working together is the best part - Have fun while doing good!

Download the Workplace Campaign Pledge Card

For more information and to get started today, contact us today!